Aptitude for care

Founded by Zcube – the Zambon Research Venture Company – Careapt is a start-up dedicated to the development of HI-Tech/HI Touch integrated care solutions aimed at transforming the management of chronic diseases into a relationship experience and attention to the person.
Careapt is also among the first neurology and internal medicine clinic, authorized for telemedicine by local Health Authority!

Careapt operates in the caring process that takes place within at home, integrating multiple specialized skills into the daily management of the disease, in line with the principles of Collaborative Medicine.

Our Mission

Transforming disease management into a caring experience

Careapt's solutions leverage modern digital technologies that enable the dynamic integration of the patient care team, through a collaboration platform coordinated by a case manager.

Each platform is designed to facilitate information sharing among healthcare professionals, the development of trust-based therapeutic relationships and the rationalization of care pathways.

ParkinsonCare is the first service developed by Careapt and represents a new model for taking care of patients with Parkinson's disease.

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Where we are

Via Lillo del Duca, 10 - 20091 Bresso (Mi)


+39 02 665 241


+39 02 665 01 492


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